Have you previously tried to sell your home

 with frustrating results?


John believes that one of the major reasons a home does not sell is a lack of communication between the agent and the client. He approaches things a little differently than the average agent. John believes that open communication between agent and client is absolutely critical to creating a mutually beneficial outcome.

There are no magic bullets or easy paths to take in real estate. Selling homes requires focus, professionalism and energy. The truth is that John has THE EXACT SAME TOOLS available to him as does every other agent. The difference is HOW HE USES THOSE TOOLS. Professional, bright photography, an effective write up without misspellings or grammatical errors, weekly tracking of the homes online activity, direct mailings to the surrounding area, prospecting phone calls (very old fashioned but very effective) and honest, sound advice can make the difference between selling and lanquishing on the market.

If you are reading this you have probably been disappointed in a Realtor's performance. Please contact John today for a brief meeting to discuss taking a new approach.